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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 23, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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top of the hour here. we're giving you a picture of the top of airport terminal c in st. louis. let's take you to a news conference. there you see the mayor of st.
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louis. let's listen to him. >> a whole lot better than it did last night. that was because of the wonderful work and hard work of so many people here at the airport. i know that airport employees and maintenance workers and the chief of the airport, the other workers here at the airport worked around the clock. many of them did not get any sleep last night to make sure we get this airport up and running as soon as possible and in the best condition it can be in. as you know, the airport is closed. it is still closed indefinitely but we are working around the clock to see if we can -- we are working toward 70% capacity for the airport by tomorrow. and that will depend on a couple things and it will depend on getting power back as soon as possible and it will also depend on the airlines themselves. they are going to have to do some things and rearrange some things and move some facilities. the other thing is we have terminal one sustained the most
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damage particularly concourse c as i said it will take some time at concourse c to get it back up and running and the terminal two has some limited damage. we'll hear on the specifics of the condition of the airport. we will -- we are confidence that we will make this airport as good as it has ever been in terms of its condition as soon as we're all finished with these things and hope to have this airport up and running 100% capacity and not all facilities open but 100% capacity by the middle of the week depending on the power being back on and electricity and also depending on the airport itself. this will take cooperation and involvement of people from all levels of government, federal, state and the local as well.
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we have the support and the involvement of all of those different levels from federal, state and local and it will take a team effort of the local, federal, state, city working together to address this. we're working together and doing everything we can as we move forward to make sure that no problem is left undealt with. i'll introduce this morning the team of people, part of the team of people of the leadership working with us here today. if i first, congressman clay of the second district, first district who is the congressman representing this area. congressman lacy clay. >> thank you so much, mr. mayor, and county executive dooley for such a quick response. as you can see this landmark building has taken a direct hit from a natural disaster.
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i reached out this morning to president obama and the administration and will brief them later today when i get the call back. i will also be assisting the city and the county with helping to focus the federal resources that are needed to respond to a disaster such as this. and we will have -- we will focus full force of those resources on this airport and the surrounding neighborhoods. and let me also thank the first responders, the emergency crews, the fire departments that responded so quickly in this surrounding area to this disaster.
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and i'm here for questions. thank you. >> thank you. thank you, congressman clay. we appreciate your leadership and look forward to working with you. next we'll hear from county executive charlie dooley. before he speaks, i want to let charlie know that our hearts and our thoughts are out to all of his residents. i know there was a significant amount of damage as well in various parts of st. louis county. be assured the city and county are working together to address not only the issues here at the airport but also i offered the help of city government to st. louis county to help with whatever issues they have there as well. charlie. >> thank you, mr. mayor. to congressman clay and all of you, good morning to you. i got a couple good news. the first good news is no one in st. louis county lost their life. that's the most important thing. nobody lost their life. the second good news, the first responders did an excellent job on the ground municipalities,
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everybody got involved. a team effort and limited damage as best as we possibly could. i want to thank st. louis county police department and fire departments in st. louis county and everybody did a fantastic job last night. a lot of work yet to be done. there were nine municipalities impacted by this. hundreds of thousands was impacted. treasures in some families as you saw this morning on the news devastation across st. louis county. you think about o'hara and channel rock bridge and draw a straight line and half mile on either side is where the devastation was in st. louis county. it was horrific. for that much damage to be done and no one lost their life, it is simply a blessing. the thing i want to also talk about as we move forward we have teams in the area now as we speak assessing the damage and what needs to be done. we also issued our municipalities. most of them are berkeley,
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ferguson, maryland heights, and there are still 22 streets that are closed right now. we still working with that issue. we are asking everyone to please stay out of those areas so we can get the work done and get power restored back to those areas. it's my understanding at the height of this was 47,000 without power. right now we believe it's 36,000 remaining without power. they are working with that process as we speak right now in st. louis county. one other things we want to talk about is the damage. as we go forward we'll have our teams at each of the municipalities impacted to inspect the houses as we go through the day to make sure no structural damage and people come back to their houses and it could be a safe environment. the red cross is going to
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centered in maryland heights so that is 211 number if you need shelter maryland heights with the red cross. that's very, very important. also, we have to assess the damage with the helicopter and doing an outstanding job making sure we get all of that. we don't know the extent of the damage at this point how it impacts st. louis county but the best news is no one lost their life. we'll move forward. there are families devastated. no question about it. our hearts go out to those individuals. there will be volunteers, eoc in st. louis county is open and operational. we'll do whatever we can to make this happen and go away but the most thing is the city and county and metro and state and everybody is working together to get past this devastation. i want to thank all of you here this morning and help us as we go forward. thank you, mr. mayor.
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>> thank you, charlie. governor jay nixon telephoned me last night and assured me the state will do everything it can to help with the effort. he indicated that they were working on a disaster declaration. we have with us this morning the director of public safety for the state of missouri. john? >> thank you, mayor. good morning. as the mayor mentioned, the governor was briefed on this most of all last evening as late as 1:00 a.m. he has declared a disaster for the state. he will be traveling over here this afternoon weather permitting to tour the damage and to meet with the officials. he has offered all the assets that the state can throw at this. i would also like to commend paul mason from the airport police, chief tim fitch, everyone else that's been around in this, captain sam datson for their continued operation. all of the resources of the state and highway patrol has been on this since the onset.
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so anything we can do, we will provide it. thank you, mayor. >> thank you so much, john, for the state's help and support. now we'll hear from rhonda, the airport director. she's going to tell us everything that she knows about the operational -- conditions of the operations and can answer a lot of questions about that. rhonda. >> thank you, mayor. good morning, everyone. as you look around and see some of the devastation that's still around, there are a number of things we can be very grateful for here at the airport. the first is i think we reported to you last night that we had taken four passengers to the emergency room at depaul. we actually ended up taking five. there were three passengers who were in the terminal and two passengers in a vehicle. all of those have been released -- treated and released from the hospital. minor damage. when you look at the devastation around, it's really a miracle that there were no fatalities and certainly just minor injuries. we're grateful for that. the other piece i think if you take a look around and for those of you who are here that were
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here last night and saw the debris and saw all of it the rain pouring in and the glass everywhere, and look at it ten hours later, we have a lot to be thankful for employees that spent all night here last night from the airport, from the county, from the city from multiple organizations helping us to get prepared this morning just to be able to come and start preparing for reopening. we are grateful for those. as you heard the mayor say earli earlier, we believe where we are now with the assessment if the power is back up and running and we'll hear shortly that we can be at about 70% capacity tomorrow. terminal two is fully functional right now. the airfield is fully functional. as far as terminal one, this is where the majority of the damage has been sustained. we believe that the a concourse if the power is back up can be fully functional tomorrow. between terminal two and a
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concourse, that's about 70% of our total capacity here at the airport. we're going to have more of a struggle with the c concourse. the carriers on the c concourse are american, frontier, cape air, and i'm missing one. airtran. thank you. and with those carriers we're going to be working here after this press conference to try and relocate them. it's going to take a while before the c concourse can be functional. a good portion of the roof is absolutely gone. every window is out of that as well as extensive damage to a number of the actual restaurants on the concourse. we'll be working with all of the station managers after this briefing to try and look at how to relocate those carriers to the b concourse or to part of terminal two or a concourse to get those up and running as well. we'll have to talk to individual carriers about their flight crew availability.
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the airlines will need to get situated with having aircraft here. we'll have to work with them to see what their flexibilities are in getting that completed. we hope that by this afternoon at 2:00 we'll be able to report once we've talked with the airlines on just how well we'll be tomorrow in terms of the number of operations. again, we ask that everybody call the airline. do not call the airport. the airlines will have the flight information that is specific to themselves. we will not have any departures out of here today. we certainly hope to have a good number of departures out of here tomorrow. from a passenger perspective, call your airline, not the airport. we also have been working with the tsa and they're fully prepared and ready to start the screening process. no difficulties on that end. that's good. we'll be consolidate and relocating the tsa employees obviously to where the need is on the terminal two and the a concourse and if we reopen the b
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concourse. just trying to think if there's anything else. we'll continue to put tweets out throughout the day. we'll continue to try and update you as much as possible on where we're at and where we hope to be tomorrow. again, just a great deal of thanks to all of the people who came out through the night and helped us to be able to get to where we're at this morning. certainly a much better place to be than where we thought we would be last night. thank you. >> thank you, rhonda. thank you for your leadership and again thanks to all of the airport employees and others here to help. there's a lot of work to do as rhonda was talking about. a gentleman here to talk about that is the director of our public works. he's our chief engineer for the city of st. louis. that's rich bradley who has been in charge of the damage assessment and of course he's also going to be in charge of getting it back in shape. rich? >> thank you, mayor. good morning. last night when we arrived on
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site we immediately began a damage assessment of the land side facilities and air side facilities. the air side airfield had minimal damage. on the land side we saw major damage on concourse c with roofs, windows, just quite a bit of structural damage that way and here in the main terminal as you can see we immediately mobilized folks to come out and begin cleanup and that was a combined effort with the city of st. louis, lambert airport, st. louis county and a number of other agencies that were involved. >> all right. we're listening to some of the details on having to clean up this mess if you will. it was said a couple of times how fortunate really they are looking at this situation having only sent five people to the area hospitals as a result of what happened to this airport. all five of whom were released earlier from the hospital. so it looks like people are doing pretty well. however, not that what you see there. that is the concourse c terminal
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part of the airport. it houses american airlines, cape air, airtran and frontier. those airlines will be hardest hit. it was reiterated several times to have people please call their airlines to find out about any sort of travel arrangements in the wake of this tornado that hit and really wiped out much of the st. louis airport there. here's a miracle. the airport officials say thanks to people working all through the night and the hope for some decent weather they believe they will be able to have some flights operating tomorrow. their fingers crossed on that. they hope to ferry in planes to get them there to handle taking passengers where they need to go. it is quite a mess certainly for today and at least through tomorrow so we'll stay on top of all this for you and bring you more on the situation with air travel throughout the st. louis region and a whole lot more news. stay with us here on msnbc saturday. hey, smart. you book your room yet? nope. see, has over 20,000 last minute deals every week.
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we just brought you the mayor of st. louis and the director of the airport to bring an update on things. we also have mike seidel standing by there on the ground. you heard them say, mike, in that news conference that just ended moments ago that they hope to have some flights operating tomorrow. that's pretty ambitious. >> reporter: 70% operational. they have to check in with airlines. they hope to have an idea from airlines sometime mid afternoon on how they are going to get some equipment back in. here's the bottom line. c concourse has taken some serious hits from this tornado. part of the roof is missing. i talked to american airline employees who have been over there and there's a lot of water damage. they have to get a tarp on the roof. it will rain for the next four or five days on and off with showers and thunderstorms. right away you have airtran,
11:22 am
frontier airlines and american with no place to go right now. they hope to get those flights as we were told at the press conference some of the flights into b concourse. a is already full. that's delta. then you have terminal two. formerly the east terminal. that's in good shape. this he have power down there. southwest is the number one air carrier here at lambert st. louis international airport. so we probably will have some southwest flights going out maybe some delta flights tomorrow. and they hope to get the airport 100% by the middle of the week. we'll see. you look at the aerial footage from concourse c and wonder, it will be a lot of cleanup plus jetwayses were dama were damage. runways are fine. they have gone up and cleaned up any debris. they're ready to go. just a matter of the airlines trying to figure out when they can get planes in here. this all is bearing on when they get power back on here at the rest of the airport. like i said, there is some power on. most of it is still off or they're on emergency generator
11:23 am
power. >> there's a lot of hurdles to cross. we'll keep our fingers crossed that things are back to normal asap. thank you so much, mike seidel. when it comes to the mood of america, most people agree this nation is facing a rough ride. a staggering 70% say the u.s. is not going in the right direction. just one in four are satisfied with america's prospects. pat buchanan is a republican strategy and msnbc political analyst and karen finney is an msnbc political analyst and director for dnc and welcome back to two of you. >> thank you. >> you know, pat, you have to think that the gas prices are certainly a major factor in what's driving the trend right now. talk about the big picture. what else is at play? >> i think the american people take a look at their country and unlike the country they grew up in, we can't win our wars. we're in three of those. we can't defend our borders. we can't balance our budgets because we got three deficits in a row of 10% or 11% of gdp. we can't stop the hemorrhaging
11:24 am
of jobs abroad. frankly, our politics seem to be very poisonous. people detest each other and differences are tremendously great. that's responsible for a sour mood in the country. not as bad as it was at the end of the bush administration where 80% thought we were going in the long direction but 70% is a high figure. >> that's depressing to listen to. >> you asked me, alex. >> i asked you to explain it and you did. karen, can you bring me a glass half full sort of perspective here? >> i think part of the reason we're seeing numbers we're seeing i agree to some degree with pat that you can't underestimate the fact that things have been hard for a long time. these wars have been going on for a long time. the economy has been tough for a long time. and actually things were starting to get better and signs
11:25 am
of hopefulness in polls a couple months ago. with what's happening in the middle east and the manipulation of gas prices, i paid $4.69 last night to fill up a tank and you think you can't underestimate, japan now fears about nuclear energy and the disruption that we were just watching on television coming out of st. louis. those things put a wet blanket over any good feeling you may have. what i will say is one thing i don't know if pat will agree with me on this, if you listen to what president obama is talking about, he's talking about a pathway to our future which is to say our economy is different. it's not going to ever be the way it was before. that's basically what the president has been saying. we have got to deal with short-term what can we do to bring down gas prices, probably not a lot. we'll try. get the economy going. we've got to also make sure that we're investing what the new economy is going to require so
11:26 am
we make things that people want to buy. >> you know, wh what, pat, you remember inflation that hurt president carter's re-election bid. do you see parallels today with president obama? >> potential parallels. not exact. karen is correct that it looked like the economy was starting to pick up at a good steady pace and not robust. now we get to report consumer confidence is collapsing food and gas prices are surging. you have the housing market that's still in the dumpster. i have friends who have an awful lot of money who say i'm getting out of government paper and putting everything into cash and things like that. and so i think that -- the president, 57% of the country thinks he's not good at handling the economy. i think he had a very long period of people saying we got a lot of hope in this guy. i think everything depends on the economy november 2012. >> karen, if you were advising the president, what is the
11:27 am
number one thing that you would tell him he's got to make clear to voters or is this the reality of this economy just bigger than anything he could say? >> i think to some degree it's not just the economy is bigger than anything he can say but also the tone in washington is appalling. people aren't just frustrating with gas prices or things here and there. they are angry and frustrated that it doesn't seem like things are moving forward. what i would advise the president because the only thing that will get people feeling like things are moving or changing is jobs. i think the president ought to come up with a bold initiative and call for a level of corporate patriotism and get those companies that have the money that are sitting on those profits. they need to invest in this country right now and get jobs going. i think it's time for the president to raise the stakes and say it's time that you do something for your country because you have done very well in this country. let's pay something back and create some jobs.
11:28 am
>> i actually -- pat, do you agree with that? >> those corporations are doing well by behaving as they are behaving. and their economic entities and they do what's in their economic interest. >> do you think there's a greater responsibility for this country to get the whole moving forward and onward and upward? >> i think the president and the congress should structure the incentives to basically make it atransactive ftractive for busio export business in factories but to bring them back to the united states. neither party has such an idea on hold. >> there have been some ideas like that put out there. again, i think the bottom line is it's got to happen now. we can't have another commission that looks at how we do it and takes six months. >> there's a point. a lot of people out of work for a long time and need those jobs. glad you two have jobs. you can talk to us. it's all good. >> we thank you for that.
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>> it's all good. thank you. see you. more on breaking news from st. louis in minutes. it doesn't appear some parts of the country are going to get a break from the weather. you're watching msnbc saturday. if your racing thoughts keep you awake... sleep is here, on the wings of lunesta. and if you wake up often in the middle of the night... rest is here, on the wings of lunesta. lunesta helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up feeling rested. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness.
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31 past. new unnerving video from inside the st. louis video at the moment the powerful tornado struck. this is posted on youtube. if you look at the window outside there you can see incredible winds. people start collecting their bags and then a flight attendant is going to yell to get out. take a listen here. >> go back inside!
11:33 am
>> you could hear glass breaking as well. pretty scary stuff there. we just heard from the airport director this airport may be partially reopened tomorrow and perhaps fully operational by midweek. officials have confirmed that a good portion of the roof was torn off. there was extensive damage to all of the restaurants in the concourse as well. let's go right now to meteorologist bill karins. did you get as creeped out? >> very orderly. a quarter of the people realize they were in a tornado. most thought it was a typical thunderstorm and i'm sure they'll have stories to tell for a long time. this was the national weather service in st. louis confirmed it was a tornado and asked
11:34 am
people to send pictures to them. this image is one of the first that i've seen of the actual tornado. now, you can't quite see it on the ground because it is back behind that house. it was right toward dark. that's why we don't have incredible chaser footage of this tornado that went through st. louis. it was too dark for pictures. you can see the storm itself. there was many, many reports of the tornado as it approached the st. louis area. it was well forecasted as it got there. people were prepared. that's the reason that we haven't had a lot of fatalities. when you see the damage to those homes north of the st. louis area, top floors and bottom floors destroyed. only way those people survived is because they were in their basements and knew that this storm was coming. just a pretty incredible stuff. there's pictures of the actual damage. the worst of the home damage that we've seen. these people, i can't wait to hear their stories. i'm sure we will through the day today and tomorrow. those people went for the ride
11:35 am
of their lives and survived. we're not seeing anything severe today in terms of weather. no tornado threat today. we're worried with a lot of heavy, heavy rain. one cluster of showers heading through st. louis. it will rain on and off there. we have flash flood warnings. that's in maroon. i'm really getting concerned about the rivers. that's the mississippi river from north to south. the one little river that comes into it is the ohio river. we have flood warnings up and down the mississippi and ohio river and look at how much more rain i'm projecting. this is for the rest of today and tomorrow. another 3.5 inches in springfield to st. louis and areas of missouri, southern illinois and southern indiana are going to have a really difficult time over the next couple of days. i think the flooding is going to be major in those areas. maybe even some record flooding as we go toward monday or tuesday of next week. here's your weekend forecast. the heavy rain will exit new england during the day today. more thunderstorms for your easter forecast from st. louis down to missouri. flash flooding will be a big problem. i know that everyone is worried about tornadoes. we've had so many this month.
11:36 am
everyone wondering wh ining wha on and any headed our way? i don't expect a tornado outbreak in the next two days. that could change on tuesday. that's the next significant setup for major tornadoes. >> that's in the st. louis region as well for tuesday? >> even on tuesday it looks like st. louis area, missouri, arkansas, oklahoma, heading right through tornado alley. >> okay. bill karins, thank you very much for the comprehensive reports all morning. we appreciate that. drink responsibly. it is not just about your favorite alcoholic beverage anymore. it's about saving money and saving a precious resource. [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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11:40 am
>> every time authorities go to search for more clues, they find more human remains. the mystery keeps deepening. here's how the last search operation played out. investigators returned to the thick dense brush along a beach road where they already found a human skull. and made yet another grim discovery. >> today there was an additional discovery of two teeth. >> teeth believed to be from the skull. among ten sets of human remains found an hour's drive from new york city since last december. only four identified so far. all prostitutes who advertised on craigslist. perhaps the most significant clue, each reportedly was wrapped in a burlap bag. >> burlap bags are something people don't keep around the house. he had them on four different occasions. >> criminal profilers suspect the killer is probably a man between 25 and 45 and motivated by sexual pleasure and like his victims, white. >> the fact that he's found this dumping ground where he keeps
11:41 am
leaving the bodies means he's familiar with the area. >> police say there's no suspect and have warned this gruesome complicated case won't be solved quickly like a crime story on tv. the authorities think that a lot of this happened a lot of these homicide happened some time ago. a lot of these remains apparently are badly decomposed so they have been out there for a good while. one of the women missing has been missing since july of 2007. so the good news is that police are saying that there's not a serial killer running around right now attacking victims and they don't think so. it could be a more difficult case to solve. >> ron allen, thank you for that. coordinating with earth day. green week at nbc universal which provides an opportunity to think how we use the nation's resources and that lifestyle tweaks can make a big difference to the environment and your family's pocketbook.
11:42 am
we have a conservation biologist joining us from los angeles. good morning. >> good morning. >> so let's talk about utilities bills. pretty high for many families especially in summertime. what are easy adjustments to make in the home? >> there's a lot of things we can do in our homes. consider increasing your thermostat to 78 degrees. sounds warm but dress lightly. have a fan. and we just need to roll with the punches. the real thing is we drink so much water. water is king in our world today. and in new york state alone, 2.5 billion disposable single use bottles. enough to go from new york end to end to the moon are thrown away. most of them are winding up in the ocean. and so what i'm suggesting is
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11:48 am
and several windows blown out. right now all flights have been canceled but the mayor says he hopes to have that airport back at about 70% capacity tomorrow. some airlines will have to be relocated particularly american airlines as officials work to repair the heavy damage to concourse c. in just six days kate middleton will say her vows to prince william to love, to honor but not to obey. the royal couple is dropping that vow of obedience from the list. the only other royal to skip that vow was princess diana. loueyou will be heading acr the pond in a couple days to cover things. we'll check in with you later. why no obey? >> well, they are a very modern couple. even diana didn't say obey. this has become part of royal tradition. a church of england ceremony. a lot of couples choose not to do that. it's great they are doing the same. >> how about the royal guest lists. who is on it and not on it and
11:49 am
at least people one might expect? >> you have to remember this isn't a state occasion. william is not the director to the thrown. that's his father's prince charles. they have had more flexibility with being able to invite the people they want opposed to the people that they have to have there for diplomatic reasons. that's why we don't see the obamas on the guest list. of course the u.s. president does come with his own massive security personnel and i believe that was considered as part of the wedding plan and that may be an issue and he probably was happy to stand back and say you do your thing. some of the bold face names we see, david and victoria beckum. elton john who sang at diana's wedding. sang at her funeral. a great friend of hers. guy ritchie. madonna's ex-husband. he's actually a distant cousin of kate. >> that's interesting. you know what also is
11:50 am
interesting is people that will be there from the charity center point one of prince william's charities. really touching stories. it seems like they tried to be almost common in their approach and bring as many different types of people as they could to this wedding. >> absolutely. we expect to see between 100 and 200 charity wedding. >> we expect to see between 100 and 200 charity workers from the charities they both support, which is unprecedented thing for a royal couple to do at a royal wedding. yeah, they are trying to make it a wedding for the people. so it is a nice touch. >> right now, what's happening because there's one report that wills and kate are spending a private weekend together outside of london? >> that's right. prince william has been working in wales, the rescue helicopters. she was shopping in london, we think buying honeymoon outfits prior to the big day. they are taking a little time
11:51 am
out together. they could be at the queen's residence, or prince charles' residence, or at their cottage in north wales. >> the place they call home. >> yes, for two more years. >> do we have any idea where they are going on the honeymoon? >> there are a few front runners. speculation is rife. the palace isn't releasing that. >> they could be on a plane first thing. >> a lot of people have been invited, they've been there a couple of times before. that's a front runner. they could return to kenya, and britain isles. wherever they go will give a boost to that destination.
11:52 am
>> thanks for being with us. in a moment, the latest on the tornado that wreaked havoc in and around st. louis. you're watching msnbc saturday. . we're about to fix that. i hear you're the clown in charge. so, cirque du soleil becomes... ...cirque du sun life. because soleil means sun.... (speaks in clown language) i'll take that as a yes... sooner or later, you'll know our name. sun life financial. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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at 54 past, following breaking news out of missouri. the extensive damage from a twister that hammered st. louis airport last night. officials say parts of the airport may reopen tomorrow, and full service could resume by mid week. now, the worst damage was in terminal one, concourse c where a large part of the roof was ripped off by the tornado. all the windows there were broken. restaurants were also heavily damaged. five people were hospitalized for minor injuries. good news, they have since been all treated and released. let's talk with bill carrens, talk about that storm system. is that completely depleted, is that heading anywhere? >> that fizzled out. a new one will form unfortunately sunday and bring more potentially damaging
11:56 am
storms. we've been showing you video and pictures. i found another image. sometimes the video is overwhelming. this was video posted on the st. louis national weather service website. this was a house hit outside st. louis. if you look closely, there are policemen going through the house, looking for anyone injured. look at this, no roof on the house. there's a policeman walking up the stairs, going to the top. that was an incredible picture. and this is the only image i know of the storm as it approached st. louis. looks like that was what we call the wall cloud, then the tornado would have been hidden just behind that house. this storm hit around dark, so we're not going to see pictures or dramatic storm chaser video. there were also reports the storm was rain wrapped. that means the tornado wasn't visible, it was raining around the storm itself, so we won't see incredible video or pictures. right now, light rain in st. louis. watch for more tornado threat going into sunday and then again
11:57 am
tuesday where it is a wicked weather pattern. >> that sounds great. thanks for staying with us all morning through this story. that is a wrap of our live msnbc coverage. stay with us for head line updates, breaking news as it happens. up next, a docu mystery. wake up with us tomorrow. i will be looking for you. make it a good one. [ male announcer ] germs in your mouth build up and form a layer called biofilm so strong it survives brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula penetrates biofilm, kills germs and protects your mouth for hours.
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